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Apr 02, DIDULA

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02 april, 2024


irtuoso guitar music with an exotic twist

Diduli's eclectic, complex guitar music has absorbed many genres, from Spanish flamenco to emotive French chanson. Having worked for many years to create his own musical vision, the musician continues his path of effective borrowing. in his work, one can find a song recorded by Buranovsky Babushki, with mysterious oriental motifs, as well as a palpable touch of the new age. The constant remains the ever bright and beautiful sound of the acoustic guitar.

A brief biography of Didulia

Valery Didyulya was born on January 24, 1969 in Grodno, Belarus. His mother gave his son his first guitar when he was only five years old. since then the boy has not let go of the instrument. After graduating from school, the musician played in several local bands until he was invited to join the White Dew ensemble as a sound engineer. Didyulyan went on a tour to Spain with the group, where he got acquainted with the legendary flamenco style for the first time. Returning to Belarus, he began to build his musical career. Having given several successful concerts in his homeland, the artist decided to move to Moscow. In the capital, Didyulya shot a successful video with the participation of the ballet "Todes", recorded the album "Road to Baghdad" and even collaborated with famous musicians, including Dmitry Malikov. Bold experiments with electronic music, memorable guitar solos and fiery rhythms made Didulya a notable figure on the Russian scene. In 2014, on the wave of success, Didyulya reached the final of the Belarusian Eurovision Song Contest. The musician continues to create today, experimenting more and more radically with each disc, creating musical spaces woven with great talent and unbridled energy.

Personal life

Perhaps, in the biography of Valery Diduli, there were many more noisy scandals than he would have liked. This is due to his complicated relationship with his ex-wife, Leila, who has repeatedly caused articles in the yellow press. At first, in one of the talk shows, she announced that her ex-husband does not help the family in any way, and that is why her son even had to go out on the street with a sign "Dad, pay child support." Valery Diduli's marriage with the second wife, musician and singer Yevgenia Kostennikova, also did not last long and did not pass without serious family scandals.

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